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These comic book boxes are made to order, if you would like something custom made, please message me. When i noticed that, i had to put together a collection of the best decoupaged comic book crafts i could find, and here. They hold over 250 bagged and boarded comics and are made from sturdy doublecorrugated cardboard. Youll see a lot of decoupage ideas on wood in the list of projects, because thats my favorite surface to use. Not only do you want to protect comics from any type of elements, such as a moist or warm room, you also want to organize them in a way that makes them easy to display, thumb through and show to friends and other collectors. Start by prepping the box, then cut out the images you want to use. The books come with a variety of designs and the books are easier to store. Today i am going to share another paper craft idea on how to decoupage a plain box with scrapbook paper and mixed media goodies.

I think every sewing enthusiast has a box or bag full of a variety of leftover scraps of fabric. They come with 3 deep sturdy covers and diecut handles that can be in the open position. With the holiday season right around the corner, its the perfect time to make some presents extra geeky special. Decoupage is a great way to improve the look of a plain box. We were sorting through lots of crap in her room, and as we were about to toss her old comic book collection into a goodwill donation box, she said, we should use those to decoupage something. Collecting comics is a fun and rewarding hobby, but after you have a few in your collection, the issue arises over how to store them. Forty plus years of comic book collecting left me with a room full of long boxes unmovable and unmanageable. Decoupage comic book file cabinet comic book storage, book. Decoupage paper pack 24 sheets 6x6 flower bouquet flonz vintage styled paper for decoupage and craft. In this video, white glue or mod podge is used to apply cut out images from comics to an inexpensive table.

Lightly brush or tap the napkin down so you dont tear it up. These comic book boxes are made to order, if you would like something custom made, please message me and get the characters of your choice. Comic book scissors box cutter optional glue modge podge paint brush for the modge podge felt optional first things first, find. Comic books cost 50 cents at the thrift store or goodwill.

The box is a nice medium size that can fit small toys, games, snacks, crafts, crayons, makeup, etc. When i married my husband 10 years ago, i inherited several large boxes of vintage comic books. Decoupage books are a great way to have many different designs in one handy book. Its going to take some practice, hence the tile test. This comic decoupaged box is sure to dress up any gift. Apply a generous, but not dripping, layer of mod podge over the top of the comic book pieces as a sealer. It is meant to give it the distressed look you see in furniture these days. Mar 23, 2015 this pin was discovered by drew sprayberry. Custom decoupage comic book storage short box made by. I love the idea of the comics but would have to photo copy and print them off as i would hate to ruin a good comic book lol i dont even have that many lying around but i have done collages before this makes me want to do this again. Our boxes are super strong, properly sized and stackable.

The instructions on how to begin are very traditional and do not take account of the latest advances in the hobby such as new decoupage by durwin rice. Etsy has thousands of handcrafted and vintage products that perfectly fit what youre searching for. Jul 28, 2016 hey girls, how are you doing, i am thankful to all of you for appreciating my previous post in which i share decoupage match box drawer case. Some of the most visited projects on this site are comic book crafts. Geek diy decoupage comic book display shelf tv episode 2012 on imdb. When placing the comics onto the painted boxes, apply some mod podge to the center of the comics and press out any air bubbles. This couple is stumped on functional, accessible, more interesting way to store comics. May 29, 2016 next, another repeat etsy buyer, nathan, just cant get enough star wars comics so this time he ordered a star wars legacy comic decoupage short box featuring darth talon. Comic box how to make a decoupage box decorating, collage. About the author a jillofalltrades, lillian downey is a certified responsible sexuality educator, certified clinical phlebotomist and a certified nonprofit administrator. Bcw offers a variety of cardboard and plastic comic storage boxes. Comic book decoupage coffee table decoupage is my favorite way to revitalize a thrifted piece of furniture. How to decoupage a magazine file for comics storage.

How to decoupage vintage comic books onto slate coasters julia fain. Avengers custom decoupage comic book storage box etsy. Some lids may be assembled to help with packing protection. Diy decoupage upcycle bookshelf for a boys room l comic book duration. Corrugated cardboard storage box comic book collecting supplies.

How to decoupage a magazine file for comics storage book riot. Recycle your remnant fabric and shoeboxes to create chic storage for a low cost this decoupage technique can be used on any cardboard or paper mache material. Some comic books were harmed in the making of this video. Find all sorts of fun mod podge projects in our extensive collection of diy decoupage projects. Comic book decoupage wooden storage box hexagonal wooden box comics geek tea box gifts for him. I used a variety of comic books, but one works fine. There are many ways to go about decoupaging furniture, this is. Stretch your material over the wet decoupage glue and, with the same brush, apply a second light coat of decoupage over the surface of the material to seal it. Feb 16, 2016 issues of whatever comic you want to decoupage withone issue is probably enough, but two to be safe. Stretch your material over the wet decoupage glue and, with. Super hero decoupage boxes grab a few paper mache boxes and use comic books to give them a cool updated look for your little superman or batman fan. Now i know there are some other people out there making decoupage comic short and long boxes. First things first, find a comic book you want to work with. You can even choose if you only want a box for comic book storage alone, or if you prefer one with a little display.

The rise in comic book crafts has peaked my interest in the last couple of years. To achieve a finely lacquered finish you will need to sand lightly after a few layers of varnish. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Flower fairy playing cards poker deck 55 cards all different flower fairy cicely barker vintage photo book illustration. Cool comic book crafts made with mod podge mod podge rocks. In an hour or so you can have a fresh new colorful piece for your home or to sell. Even so, both beginers and more advanced students are likely to find this source book inspirational especially if you are keen to hand color your work and want a period feel. Free shipping 2 short comic storage boxes each box holds 150 175 comic books white. How to decoupage vintage comic books onto slate coasters. I cut a few straight strips of paper and then tore the remaining paper in random shapes. How to finish your decoupage project with the perfect.

When your comics start to pile up, you might feel like you need superpowers to get them organized but its easy with comic book boxes. Whatever imagerycharacter you want, i can put it on there. Choose where on the box the comic strips should go and apply mod podge to spot and put the comic strip on it. Ive noticed that im not the only one who loves comic books, especially decoupaging with comic books. If you dont have boxes laying around filled with comics like i do. Check out our storfolios as well, perfect for transporting your comics to conventions or shelving them on a bookcase. Aug 26, 2012 some comic books were harmed in the making of this video. Now, thanks to the collection drawer cos drawerboxes, that same room is my personal library showcasing my collection of over 15,000 comics all available at the touch of my fingertips. Ive checked out the competition with a critical eye and frankly i can say that my comic boxes are superior. Mar 17, 2020 apply a thin layer of decoupage to the back of the comics and let dry for five minutes. Whether youre into stitching and quilting or sketching and journaling, you will surely find a subscription box to bring more creativity in your life. Mod podge preferred, but you can make your own decoupage glue by mixing three parts white glue with one part water paint optional magazines, comic books, book books, newspaper, even your kids drawings note.

Next was to add mod podge to the outside cover and place the paper over the mod podge, working in small sections. Bcw has a wide range of short and long comic book storage boxes and bins. Decoupage crafts for adults mod podge crafts by amanda. Did you know you can take your old, unwanted comic books and use them to decorate your things, like phone cases, shoes, furniture, and. I chose 2 similar color pallets of paper decoupage to use to cover the books. Decoupage comic book file cabinet comic book storage. Decoupage crafts for adults, recycled crafts for adults, recycled crafts for kids. We wanted the pages to be all jumbled up and random. Who says you have to store your prized comic books in a boring plain box box holds approximately 150 comics bagged and backed. Instructions paint the boxes black and set aside to dry. Cut out sections of comic books that you want to use. The final glossy surface is made durable with a layer of uv resistant epoxy. This box was made with actual rawhide kid comic books from the 1960s so any white crease lines in the paper or yellowing of the paper is real and natural.

Bcw long boxes are found in comic book shops everywhere. Geek diy decoupage comic book display shelf tv episode. Sep 24, 2016 sep 24, 2016 decoupage comic book display shelf more stay safe and healthy. Use our comic storage boxes in conjunction with our comic book backing boards and comic book bags for all of your current age, silver age and golden age comics. Step 5 do so til the whole box is covered, make sure though that youre still able to open the box. I used to decoupage boxes all the time when i was younger and i figured itd be a great way to celebrate may the 4th tomorrow with a star wars decoupage box.

Decoupage comic book display shelf comic book rooms. Long comic book boxes unassembled long comic book storage boxes that hold up to 300 comics. It also keeps them away from ultraviolet light, dust, and other airborne pollutants that can destroy or damage them. May 18, 2017 a tutorial on how to make a decoupage comic book folderbinder using marvel transformers uk comics. Using the comic books was my sisters brilliant idea. Dig through the dollar bin at your local comic book store. Check out these 10 napkin decoupage projects below and let me know if youve worked with napkins before in your mod podge crafts id love to. Inspired by marvels captain america, i painted this box myself in the likeness of captain america. Items similar to custom comic decoupage short box for comic storage, made to order marvel, dc, image, archie, dark horse on etsy. Decoupage or mod podge, whatever you want to call it.

Storing your comics in our comic storage boxes keeps them in an environment that will protect the corners, edges, and flat surfaces. Once its in place, carefully lift one side and apply some mod podge to the center. These boxes are easy to assemble and are good for shipping items,too. Anything from four to 15 coats may be needed depending on how thick the decoupage paper is and how smooth and durable a finish is required. Custom comic cruiser comic book decoupage and epoxy resin cruiser board duration. Nov 16, 2012 weve got another quick and easy diy for you this week. A tutorial on how to make a decoupage comic book folderbinder using marvel transformers uk comics. Print issues are hard to store, and i refuse to use longboxes. Bcw storage boxes fit current or silver age comic books.

Use the decoupage techniques described above to cover the shoe box in old sheet music, pages of poetry, cold comic book pages or sports cards. Marvel comics rawhide kid decoupage wooden box ebay. Short and long comic book storage boxes made of corrugated cardboard or plastic make an excellent way to neatly store your bagged and boarded comic books. The most common comic book decoupage material is wood. Ensure the glue is dry before starting to varnish and leave the varnish to dry thoroughly between each coat. Apply a thin layer of decoupage to the back of the comic book pieces and to the frame to prep them. Apply a thin layer of decoupage to the back of the comics and let dry for five minutes. What appears to be a painted design is actually paper, glued in place. See more ideas about decoupage, decoupage suitcase and decoupage furniture. Let dry for at least one hour before adding a photo to the frame. Follow the stepbystep tutorial to learn how to use comic books and inexpensive frames to make a gift worthy of a collage photo frame this simple collage photo frame is a fun and easy rainy day craft for kids of all ages. You can find or print out images to jazz up the box to your specific tastes.

We also stock comic dividers to keep your collection organized and storfolio boxes to safely store a few books at a time. Jan 15, 2019 press the comic book into the mod podge. A tutorial on how to make a decoupage comic book folderbinder using marvel. Apr 16, 2015 mod podge decoupage finishpaint brushesscissorsxacto knifeold, unwanted comic books seriously, dont use your favorite comics or anything thats worth a ton of money. May 03, 2011 i used to decoupage boxes all the time when i was younger and i figured itd be a great way to celebrate may the 4th tomorrow with a star wars decoupage box. Trace the frame onto the section of comic book that you want to use. But if you buy a custom decoupage comic box from me, it will not be boring, it will be awesome in the pictures are examples different styles of boxes i have made, some for my personal collection, some for customers. Discover all the extraordinary items our community of craftspeople have to offer and find the perfect gift for your loved one or yourself. What looks like lacquer is just a few coats of clear varnish, and what begins as an unremarkable piece of furniture becomes a bold, modern design statement.

Sep 19, 2019 peel the front layer of the napkin from the back layer, then mod podge down. There was not quite enough of the book to cover the whole box so i scanned the complete copy from my collection to get a cover image and another couple of. Decoupage daisy captain america marvel stan lee custom hand. There are 912 comic book decoupage for sale on etsy. Using a paint brush, apply a thin layer of decoupage over the entire surface. These two wooden boxes, not only fit your comic books perfectly, they have a super cool design, and they will look really good in plain sight. Those comic books have traveled with us to our various homes over the years. Diy decoupageupcycle bookshelf for a boys room l comic book.

Weve gathered our best ideas for you to use in your home or to make as original, custom gifts for friends. The most common comic book storage box material is wood. These boxes hold the silver, regular and current comics. Continue working outward, attaching the comic book to the frame with the mod podge. Product title 5 long comic storage box holds 200 225 comic b. Listed is a custom, hand painted vintage decoupage purse box.

You can even get a comic book box with awesome graphics, including some of your favorite licensed characters. Decoupage crafts archives page 2 of 3 fun family crafts. Long or short comic book storage boxes and box dividers. When placing the comics onto the painted boxes, apply. I have made a book box for my sons books as well as a couple boxes to hold all his toys in.

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