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Asiapacific is on track to top 50 percent of global gdp by 2040 and drive 40 percent of the worlds consumption, asias future represents a real shift in the worlds center of gravity. Dec 11, 2016 asia will shape the 21st century as much as the atlantic consensus shaped the 20th century, or europe the 19th. Population pyramids of the world from 1950 to 2100. Among those traditions was the belief that seven major incidents, occurring around the same time, will foretell the coming of armageddon or, in. Atlantic energy and the changing global energy flow map. But to get there, asia has to pursue a new project, one that begins to create a political asia. Asia pacific the future of businesses and jobs in asia pacifics digital economy by manish bahl the center for the future of work. Energy futures in asia download ebook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi. However, the scale and pace of change unfolding in the world today. Finally, the atlantic energy renaissance and the changing global energy flow map of which it is both cause and effect, also highlights the growing relative strategic significance of the southern atlantic. The present which is still unfolding, is cloudy because were too close. If it continues to follow its recent trajectory, by 2050 its per capita income could rise sixfold in purchasing power parity ppp terms to reach europes levels today. Afghanistan africa albania algeria angola antigua and barbuda argentina armenia aruba asia australia australianew zealand austria azerbaijan bahamas bahrain bangladesh barbados belarus belgium belize benin. These cities leverage the latest advances in urban planning and digital technologies and will offer ideal conditions for working and living and spurring investment.

Foresight enables public planners to use new ways of thinking about, talking about, and implementing strategic plans that are compatible with the unfolding future. Dec 11, 2012 from the vantage point of 2012, the most likely asian strategic futures for 2030 appear to be, in descending order. This year, principal author mathew burrows and his colleagues focus on a series of plausible. Aug 23, 2016 first, we expect that by 2030, asias population will grow, prosper and become highly urbanized, but will also age. It could be believed that pakistan quite accurately represents this fault line. The first draft of this scientific paper was presented at the atlantic future workshop in. The npower future report 2012 energy and the economy. Bosnia, in southeast asia, the terrorist warfare in the middleeast. Soon after the partition of india in 1947, maharaja hari singh of. These scenarios are only two possibilities of how asias future may unfold. What future for decent work in europe and central asia.

Smart grid technology is widespread in developed nations. Pdf as the association of southeast asian nations asean takes steps toward implementing the asean economic community aec by the end of 2015, they. Asia rises, the west declines the planet may also be racked by wars over food and water. The unfolding future manohar parrikar institute for. Booz allen hamilton conducted this study as a followon project to the. Global business leaders forecast the next era of human. This working paper explores ways how african governments and society can make full use of the potential of foresight to realize the vision of agenda 2063 and the 2030 agenda. This report postulates two scenarios of asias future. Subsaharan africa and asia are the regions with continued population growth and relatively low proportions of existing citydwellers and therefore will see the fastest rates of change. Soon after the partition of india in 1947, maharaja hari singh of jammu and kashmir signed the instrument of accession, thereby acceding to the indian union. Our effort is to encourage decision makerswhether in government or outsideto think and plan for the long. Explore our research series on how we can realize the true potential of our relationship with technology to drive human progress. By 2030, it is projected to account for more than half of global.

Urbanization and sustainable development in asia and the pacific. Realizing 2030 emerging technologies are reshaping our lives and entire industries as we move towards 2030. Saharan africa, the middle east, parts of south asia, and china have led to. Export expansion in recent years is due largely to the expansion of intraregional trade, which is mainly of intermediate goods. Isbn 9789221286806 print isbn 97892212868 web pdf issn 00746681 first edition 2018 the designations employed in ilo publications, which are in. Tea 2030 is formed of organisations representing the full breadth of the sector, including commercial businesses, ngos, trade associations and academics.

This book has addressed issues ranging from airpower, cyber security, climate change, ballistic missile defence to geopolitical and regional issues pertaining to east asia, south east asia and south asia. It is the culmination of phase i of the strategy 2030 process, the baseline of futures and foresight investigations for strategy 2030 which commenced in 2017, dedicated to exploring the future context and operating environment, and which are being. This book is an effort to understand how the future will unfold in asia 2030. Lele, wg cdr ajey, goswami, dr namrata, dahiya, brig rumel. Pdf with more weight of the global economy shifting to asia and the. In the european union of 28 member states eu28, growth is expected to reach an annual average of 1.

National intelligence council releases global trends 2030. The further ahead one looks, the more outcomes are conceivable. What possible health threats will there be in 2030. Innovative and globally competitive building bridges. Global trends 2030 the leadership mandate in a fast.

The most dramatic change will be the rapid increase in the use of wood as a source of energy, particularly in europe, as a result of policies promoting greater use of renewable energy. Chinas future share in services and historical experiences of other countries. First, we expect that by 2030, asias population will grow, prosper and become highly urbanized, but will also age. Booz allen hamilton conducted this study as a followon project to the usdp. The very magnitude and speed of change resulting from a globalizing worldapart from its precise characterwill be a defining feature of the. Opportunities and challenges 2 slow or negative growth in others. In english only, for now adolescent fertility rate births per 1,000 women ages 1519. Whereas it took britain more than 150 years to double per capita income, india and china are set.

With russias economy dependent on the production and export of energy, this could also seriously challenge. In real terms, food prices are projected to be higher by 1035% than in the past decade in 2017 5. We are wellsituated at the crossroads of africa and asia, two continents characterized by booming. Chinas trade with developing east asia differs from that of subsaharan. Lancer 2010 this book is an effort to understand how the future will unfold in asia 2030. Existing policies are expected to almost achieve universal access to electricity by 2030. Asia will shape the 21st century as much as the atlantic consensus shaped the 20th century, or europe the 19th. Asia, and much of africa do not threaten latin america and the caribbean.

Possible scenarios and options by col harinder singh issue. This atlantic energy renaissance is beginning to challenge the longheld assumption that the global centre of gravity for energy supply, particularly in the fossil fuel realm, would remain firmly rooted for the foreseeable future in the middle east, central asia, and russia. Nostradamus the 21st century and beyond the coming of armageddon. The unfolding us shale gas revolution is likely to provide a real boost to the us economic recovery, but may also reduce the dominance of russia in the european energy market. Strength through diversity supporting allinclusive growth. The goal of this conference is to contribute to the future of work centenary initiative from a trade union perspective based on the unique issues faced by. While many countries in the region have been making considerable progress, this is insufficient to achieve sdg 7 by 2030. Based primarily on the method of scenario building, this book is an. Longterm economic outlook and challenges section 1 asias growth pattern and its problems in the 2000s z the international division of labor in asia has developed through a regional production network. It is important to examine whether asian states will continue with the present pace of. Foresight has been defined as a systematic, participatory, futureintelligence gathering and mediumtolongterm visionbuilding process aimed at enabling presentday. From the vantage point of 2012, the most likely asian strategic futures for 2030 appear to be, in descending order.

The capital stock until 2030 both in the eu and globally is largely deployed. The highest growth rates will continue to be in asia, which will summary. The authors of asia 2030 attempt to answer this question by discussing and analysing geopolitical issues faced by countries in asia, including security. Although the reputation of forecasting is rightly in disrepute, even for the short term, let alone the. Realizing the asian century executive summary asia is in the middle of a historic transformation. Emerging powers in asia, retrenchment in eurasia, a roiling middle east, and transatlantic divisions are among the issues that have only come to a head in recent years. Led by forum for the future, tea 2030 brings together the leading organisations to help create a sustainable future for tea. At many junctures in its history, the red cross and red crescent has faced existential crises, grappling with how to ensure ongoing impact and relevance in a changing world. Euiss and is the lead author of this espas report global trends to 2030. Policy implications for the future of global health procurement policy. This report represents the findings of a study on energy futures in asia sponsored by the director, net assessment, office of the secretary of defense osdna. The work ahead is a research series providing insight and guidance on how business and jobs must evolve in an economy of algorithms, automation and ai. Government must explore and anticipate what healthy lives, quality education, economic growth and jobs etc. The highdefinition space telescope hdst is operational.

Investing in the future looks at what the investment management industry could look like in 2030, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that will arise for investment managers as a result of massive shifts in demographics, technology, the environment, and social values and behavior. We are at a critical juncture in human history, which could lead to widely contrasting futures, writes the chairman of the national intelligence council nic christopher kojm in the councils latest forwardlooking quadrennial report, global trends 2030. Past, present, and future asian economic growth in historical context. Five of the 7 countries with the fastest population growth by 2030, will be in asia 1, and nearly two billion of the 2. Leading in banking and finance a history of success. China and india alone will need to accommodate 276 million and 218 million additional people living in cities between now and 2030. Economic and social council distr general 7 march 2017 original. We are at a critical juncture in human history, which could lead to widely contrasting futuresthe future is not set in stone, but is malleable, the result of an interplay among megatrends, gamechangers and, above all, human agency. The 2030 outlook for uk businesses describes many of these possibilities, but ultimately we restrict ourselves to three plausible scenarios. Future political developments may help drive, but also to obstruct. Past, present, and future, i will first look back at the growth of the asian economy and its driving forces, and then share my views on the challenges ahead for the sustainable growth of the asian economy. There are some, like the world bank, who suggest that the decline may continue till 2030 at 0.

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