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The red and black wires 24vac connect to the power block from the rainmachine and the sensor green and gray wires should be connected in series with the common wire. Rachio compatibility with rain bird wr2 wireless rain sensor sarah m. Upgrade the espme3 to a smart controller by adding the lnk wifi module and a wr2 rain sensor. For a residential system, one rain sensor is wired into. In that accumulation time, the system will unnecessarily continue to water. Rain bird wr2rfc wireless rainfreeze sensor complete kit. Find out about some recent improvements weve made to the rain bird wr2 wireless rain and rainfreeze sensor to increase battery life and improve durability. I intend to make it work over wifi using the esp8266.

Rain bird sprinkler timers, irrigation controllers and. With the rain bird wr2 wireless sensor, you will save time and money, improve your system performance, and sharpen your water management skills. Running androids latest version of the app which has added the rain sensor trigger alert to the main screen. The lnk makes programming and monitoring easy through the enhanced rain bird app. This sensors reliable signal transmission and other savvy tech functions deliver superior. Instruction manuals, troubleshooting guides, programming charts and literature for rain bird wr2 wireless rain and rainfreeze sensors. The rain bird wireless rainfreeze combo sensorwr2rfc is the must have component for irrigation systems.

The wr2 system overcomes most lineofsight obstructions so you have freedom in locating the sensor. Rain bird wr2 wireless rain sensor troubleshooting youtube. Likewise, the wireless rainfreeze sensor will suspend irrigation when the system reaches a programmed low temperature set point. After i wire the wr2 rain sensor to the controller and apply power, the lcd on the wr2 controller interface remains blank. To connect a wireless rain sensor to your rachio 2nd generation controller, please see the wiring diagram below. The rain bird wireless rain sensor is designed for sftjefoujbm boe dpnnfsdjbm jssjhbujpo tztufnt u tbwft xbufs. Rain and rainfreeze sensors are becoming must have components for irrigation systems these days. This sensor will save time installation and programming is easier. Reliable signal transmission and other innovations deliver. This wireless module is specifically designed to enable remote access to your residential or light commercial sprinkler system. Rsd series rain sensors offers flexible, multiple rainfall settings which are quick and easy to adjust with a twist of the dial. Wr2 rain sensor rainbird wr2 wireless rain sensor rain and rainfreeze sensors are becoming must have components for irrigation systems these days. Rain bird wr2rfc a553100 wireless rain and freeze sensor. Also, reference your irrigation system controller timer installation instructions for the proper connection of rain sensors.

I walked into rain birds irrigation training camp with no experience. Rain and rain freeze sensors are becoming must have components for irrigation systems these days. Rain bird wr2 wireless rain and rainfreeze sensor user. Rain bird wr2 series irrigation system wireless rain and. The espsmte takes the expertise that rain bird engineered developing complex golf course control systems, and puts it on your wall. The sensors innovative versatile mounting bracket quickly attaches securely to a gutter. A few helpful tips to assist you with troubleshooting the rain bird wr2 wireless rain and rainfreeze sensor, including correct battery. Click there to learn more about this rain bird wr2rfc a553100 wireless rain and freeze sensor. Rain bird lnk wifi module rainbird f55000 plumbersstock. Never hooked any of the more current sensors to an rc7bi before, and a customer with a small apartment complex asked me to. I stepped out yesterday after 2 days of straight sun with afternoon storms. With revolutionary features, this sensor will provide savings on your monthly water bill. I really pushed these things and talked them up big.

Rain bird sensor parts that fit, straight from the manufacturer. To help you conserve water, the wr2 rain sensor combines with the smrty soil moisture sensor to shut off irrigation when rain is detected, and only allows it to come back on when the water has been used. Wr2 wireless sensor t xxx sbjocjse dpn 83 1 introduction congratulations on your purchase of the wr2 wireless sensor. Rachio compatibility with rain bird wr2 wireless rain sensor. Take the worry and stress out of your landscape watering applications with the new rain bird lnk wifi module f55000. Controller is inside a utility storage room with a second story above, but i could mount the sensortransmitter on a fence nearby. Rsd series wired rain sensors wr2 series wireless rain sensors all rain bird rotors, valves, nozzles, sprays and drip products the controller shall be manufactured by rain bird corporation in a usmca member country. That means your irrigation system will react to weather conditions in real time and only deliver the precise amount of water your lawn requires. The device has superior signal reliability for your ease of mind. View and download rain bird wr2 user manual online. Unlike other rain sensors, the wr2 has a longlasting battery thats quick and easy to replace.

This feature eliminates the wasteful running of the irrigation system during a rain event saving the home owner embarrassment and potential fines penalties. Normally open relay c 12 34 solenoid common valves wire to all valves pump or mv linein lineout to pump aca c y y w b sensor status sensor bypass press to bypass, press again. The wr2 controller interface is not receiving power. It features an enhanced antenna array that provides superior signal reliability that overcomes most lineofsight obstructions, a sensor signal strength indicator that enables one person set up. My local jdl let me return them and trade for rainbird wr2s. Most rainsensing devices work by accumulating a set amount of rainfall before a switch is activated that interrupts the circuit from the controller and shuts off the system. This can look especially bad for conservationconscious municipalities, businesses, and residences.

Interface only electrical specifications application. Anyone using this new wireless rain sensor from rain bird. After finishing the class, i was able to install a system having never done it before. The rain bird rsd series rain sensor automatically shuts off your sprinkler system when it rains, so you dont have to worry when youre home or away.

The rain bird wr2rfc is a wr2 series wireless rain and freeze combo sensor and it is on sale at plumbersstock. Rain bird wr2rfc wireless rainfreeze sensor plumbersstock. Below you can find a few wiring instructions for the rain bird wr2 wireless rain sensor. Attach the other wire from the wireless rainclik receiver to the common terminal on the controller. I want to utilize the relays, 24vac converter, rain sensor, and acdc converter from the existing rain bird system. Use our interactive diagrams, accessories, and expert repair help to fix your rain bird sensor. To correct the situation the rain sensor was disconnected from the master unit. If this does not correct the situation, the sensor may have been damaged or vandalized. Confirm the correct wiring of the wr2 controller interface to the irrigation controller. If the irrigation cycle is running and the wr2 sensor detects rainfall during the irrigation schedule, the wr2 will suspend irrigation without the need for rainfall accumulation.

Signal strength is displayed on both the sensor unit and the controller interface. Rain bird designed the new wr2 wireless sensor to exceed the standard. Rain bird designed the wr2 so that one person can install it quickly and easily. What is the difference between the standard wr2rfc and new wr248 rfc. Rainbird designed the wr2 wireless rainfreeze sensor with userfriendliness in mind. Rain bird wr2 wireless rain sensor product enhancements. The rain bird wireless rain sensor is designed for residential and commercial irrigation systems. Rachio is not affiliated or authorized by rain bird. The rain bird wireless rain sensor is designed for 24 vac residential and commercial irrigation systems. Stopped the system from operating because the unit was telling the master that it was raining.

Replace the sensor with the appropriate model number wr2rs rain sensor only or the wr2rfs rain freeze sensor only. Rain bird offers a complete line of automatic sprinkler timers and irrigation controllers to meet every need, from the smallest residential system to large, complex commercial properties. Using this little plugin device allows the user access and control of rain bird irrigation. The rsd series rain sensor easily connects to most irrigation system controllers. The rain and freeze sensor from rainbird is easy to install with a oneperson crew and is easy to use and program. Select from easytoprogram zonebased timers, flexible and powerful modular timers, and the latest selfadjusting, weatherbased smart timers that. Rainbird wr2 series wireless rain sensor sunshoweronline. For even greater water monitoring and protection from a broken irrigation system install a flow sensor. Esp4me3 indooroutdoor 120v irrigation controller lnk. Only problem is since the update the app has been showing my rain sensor as triggered. It has been wet here lately so i figured it was accurate.

Check out the next musthave component in the irrigation world. With revolutionary features, this sensor saves time, improves system performance and enhances your reputation as a water management expert. Rain bird wr2 wireless rain sensor dural irrigation. My plan is to hack the opensprinkler project to get it to meet my needs and vision for future home automation improvements. Wr2 rs rain sensor only wr2 rfs rain freeze sensor only wr2 rfi rain freeze controller rc868. It saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically sensing precipitation and interrupting irrigation during rain and low temperature events. How to connect a rain bird wr2 wireless sensor to rainmachine touchhd. The wr248 wireless rainfreeze sensor was designed specifically for the california market with updated firmware to automatically prevent. Rain bird wr2rfc wr2 series wireless rainfreeze sensor. Rain bird academy has helped to further my water management career and has given me the tools to efficiently use water resources.

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