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Plus, keep your eyes peeled for other marine life like hawaiian spinner dolphins, porpoises and sea turtles. Waianae coast snorkel cruise, dolphin swim and seasonal humpback whalewatching adventure. For the most upclose viewing, theres nothing like a tour. Even if you dont see whales, the boat trip is well worth it. Your guide to hawaiis whalewatching cruises travelage west. Steps from the azure blue waters and soft sands of waikiki beach, hyatt regency waikiki beach resort and spa offers magnificent personalized services and luxurious amenities including worldclass dining, awardwinning spa, interactive cultural activities, 24hour fitness center, swimming pool overlooking the pacific ocean, and more than 60 onsite boutiques. Go here from your mobile device and click your account to create a user login. Ideal for early risers, your cruise begins at pier 6 near the aloha tower marketplace. Waikiki whale watch cruises honolulu 2020 all you need.

Join us on hawaiis most popular whale watch cruise. Whale watching lunch cruise excursions princess cruises. Waikiki whale watching in oahu is extremely popular and the star of honolulu whale watch standard cruise offers you a complete whale experience you wont forget. Airfares to hawaii at the lowest fare with guarantee. Another unique facet for guests is the option for the majority of whale activities and packages to be catered to suit any schedule and budget each with the star of honolulu s whale sighting guarantee. Cruises to hawaii, 2020, 2021 and 2022 hawaiian cruises the. This is due to the 60foot high observation deck and 4 walkaround decks, which allow you to see very far out on all sides of the ship. Cruise in the comfort of hawaiis largest vessel with hightech stabilizers for smooth cruising and the most outdoor space with four walkaround decks and a top observation deck for optimal whale encounters. Majestics stateoftheart seakeeper technology provides boat stability and comfort for guests while watching natures largest mammals enjoying the warmth of hawaiis ocean waters. Jump in among the dolphins as they do their flips and leaps on a snorkel adventure off the coast of lanai. Waikiki whale watch cruises honolulu all you need to. The star of honolulu also has 4 walk around decks to offer the most outdoor deck space for you to roam around.

Weve seen whales while on board both the ncl pride of america cruise as well as on american safari photo below. Whale watching waikiki coast star of honolulu tour. Schedule a tour or charter a boat to spot these magnificent creatures. The pacific whale foundation is another wellknown research organization that combines research with educational whale watch cruises. Home to most of oahus population, the port city of honolulu extends across the southern shores of the island and offers multiple fascinating attractions. We went out on feb 1118 and saw humpback whales, spinner dauphins which we swam along side, pilot whales, and got to snorkel with green sea turtles at a turtle cleaning. Each year, thousands of humpback whales migrate to hawaii between december and april for mating and childrearing purposes. On this oahu whalewatching cruise, youll get to see some of these whales travel through the waters while you also enjoy scenic views of oahus beautiful beaches and skyline.

Star of honolulu premier whale watch cruise waikiki tours. If youre looking for an adventure, the answer is a hawaii cruise. Another way to see whales is on a cruise of the hawaiian islands. These oahu whale watching tours are an amazing, family. This enticing morning whale watching excursion offers you the chance to take part in this oneofakind nature attraction. Set out on a honolulu whale watch cruise to see hawaiis humpback whales and cruise past beautiful diamond head in search of these majestic marine mammals. Choose a tour with or without a meal, and cruise off the shores of waikiki. Choose from four tours to fit your itinerary from early morning to deluxe midday cruises with breakfast and lunch options. A maui cruise allows you to do some whale watching for acrobatic 40ton humpbacks. Experience whale watching in hawaii, one of the most popular activities in the winter. Waikiki whale watching tour cruise excursion in oahu. Humpback whales come to hawaii every winter to breed and give birth. If your onboard naturalist does not spot any whales during your cruise, you will receive a complimentary return whale watch cruise. See if you can spot the whales as you watch this tour out honolulu harbor along waikiki beach in beautiful oahu, hawaii.

This tour includes an experienced crew of certified naturalists waiting to. Embark on a romantic dinner cruise aboard the luxurious, awardwinning 1,500passenger star of honolulu. It is recommended that cruise ship passengers do the majestic whale watch lunch cruise because it leaves from the same port where cruise ships dock in downtown honolulu and is available for cruise ship clients who are there for the day. Maui south shore premier kayak and snorkel tour from makena beach. Also lending to the star of honolulu s trusted reputation is the friendly and professional crew of naturalists that the company employs.

Cruise along waikiki beach and view majestic whales from the star of honolulus 60foot high observation sun deck. Truly a dedicated whale watching experience, our expert. Spot a hoard of humpback whales as they come to the warm waters off of maui to give birth. Oahus only marinebiologist founded and led ocean wildlife tours. Cruise in the comfort of hawaiis largest vessel with hightech stabilizers for smooth cruising and the most outdoor space with four walkaround decks and a top. Before or after your cruise, take the time to explore the historic port of honolulu and its lively mix of worldclass dining, perfect beaches and lush, tropical landscape. Over the last 28 years, more than 3 million people have gone whale watching with this company. Premier whale watch is held on the star of honolulu cruise ship. Humpback whale season is around november march in oahu and they are just. It you have the time, the star of honolulu sunset cruise is a great way to see. Hawaii whale watching tours arent just for tourists a local take on a touristy day whale watching on the star of honolulu. The star of honolulu also offers an early bird whale watch 8. All necessary snorkel gear, lunch after the cruise and roundtrip hotel transportation from waikiki hotels are provided. Spot them playing in the water from one of the ships walkaround decks or join in on a conversation with an onboard naturalist, sharing their knowledge on whale behavior.

Hawaii cruise get the best hawaii cruise for less at. Waikiki coast whalewatching cruise honolulu expedia. Activities abound for the more adventurous guests on a hawaii cruise. Enjoy a morning whale watch cruise along waikiki beach on board the star of honolulu, which has a 60foot. As you sip a complimentary mai tai and tuck into a 3course surf and turf dinner, relax and enjoy a live hawaiian song and dance performance, plus a fireworks show fridays only and panoramic views. Unique field trip with star of honolulus free educational cruises. From december to may, you may catch a glimpse of a majestic kohola, or humpback whale, in oahus southern seas. Whether youre on a cruise to honolulu from the mainland, or a hawaii cruise from honolulu, youll find yourself spellbound by this magical pacific destination. Come along and spot humpback whales on a catamaran cruise, tour oahus moving world war ii memorials or hike to a hidden waterfall. Make your selection from these exciting oahu whale watch tours below. Humpback whale watching boat tours whale watching season 20192020 starts dec 21st, 2019 join us for a unique honolulu whale watching cruise.

The first time we enjoyed the sunset cruise and what made it phenomenal was both enjoying the sea life spinning dolphins. Spot wild spinner, bottlenose, and spotted dolphins from a catamaran off the maui coast at sunset. Voted hawaiis most popular whale watching cruise several years in a row, the star of honolulu is a fantastic viewing for whales. If youre looking to see whales while visiting oahu, hawaii, then the star of honolulu premier whale watch cruise should be at the top of your list. Twohour whalewatching cruise for one adult or one child at e sea diver up to 40% off. Departing from aloha tower marketplace in honolulu, one of the great things about its boat is its design, which provides a stable ride. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Enjoy great photo ops of the massive mammals, as well as views of honolulu, diamond head and the kahala gold coast. Start by downloading our free vacation planning guide filled with helpful ideas and information. Whalewatching cruise with optional breakfast or lunch. See humpback whales during their annual migration in the waters off oahu on a whalewatching cruise from waikiki. Enrich your hawaii cruise with norwegians free at sea. A luxurious 4deck vessel takes you on a cruise along the waikiki coastline in search of pacific humpback whales. Whale watch cruise on the star of honolulu, honu hawaii.

Oahu snorkeling, dolphin and whale watching cruises. We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials. A continental breakfast option is an additional cost. Raise a glass to unlimited beverages for all guests in your stateroom.

Small group 610 passengers charters include yearround whale watching, swimming with dolphins, and snorkeling with giant sea turtles and endemic tropical reef fish. Pacific whale foundations leadership team is closely monitoring updates from the center for disease control and the world health organization regarding covid19. Premier whale watch is held on the star of honolulu cruise. Enjoy a day on the ocean with an oahu whale watching excursion during your visit. Hawaii discount offers the best whale watching cruises on oahu at discounted rates. Marvel at magnificent humpback whales frolicking off oahu from the decks of majestic, hawaiis newest yacht cruise experience from atlantis cruises. Sunday, the cruise departed at noon and returned at 2. Guides take great photos that clients can download later. Come and experience the whales a short trip away from your hotel in waikiki. From pearl harbor to iolani palace, the only royal palace in the united states, theres so.

Waianae snorkel tour dolphin swim and whale watching. You may also spot kohola from the southern shores of oahu, especially at. Star of honolulu premier whale watch cruise no lunch special. The pacific humpback whale is a baleen whale and is the fifth largest type of whale, after the blue whale, fin whale, sei whale and the sperm whale. Experience the difference a more intimate setting makes. The gentle giants come to the warm hawaiian waters every year to breed and give birth to new calves. Spend a day on the water with your eyes peeled for humpback whales, gray whales. Enjoy a romantic evening aboard the star of honolulu as you cruise around the waters off hawaii, all while gaining a new perspective on the island. Hawaii whale watching tours hawaiian island travel network. See them up close from a tour boat, glassbottom boat or zodiac raft and enjoy whale watching while learning all about their lifestyle and habitat from a naturalist guide. Its fun to see the huge, majestic creatures breaching offshore, but i. If you stick your head in the water you can hear their echoing voices.

The snorkeling, scuba diving, and deepsea fishing are some of the best in the world. Whale watching tours on all the islands are popular for good reason. Star of honolulu is inviting hawaiis teachers and public school keiki to climb aboard for a whale watching excursion theyll never forget. Whales guaranteed or come back free on same or lesservalue trip. The crew was very courteous and knowledgeable about the marine life we were lucky enough to see andor snorkel with, which included 56 sea turtles, pacific bottlenose dolphins and a humpback whale out of season. Hawaii hotels up to 70% off for oahu, maui, kauai and the big island of hawaii. Between december and april every year, the endangered pacific humpback whales travel from alaska to birth and nurture their newborn calves in the warm hawaii waters. Whale watch cruise on the star of honolulu, honu hawaii activities. This is where the majestic is docked, ready and waiting for your arrival.

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