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Money is now of the utmost importance for the nepali population, and trafficking is a, unfortunately, quick source of income. Many girls are sold into trafficking because of poverty and lack of education. This study assesses nepals policies and laws that address the trafficking of women and children in terms of effectiveness, human rights, international obligations. So far, the 3 angels booths stop an average of 12 girls being trafficked every day. English analysis on nepal about protection and human rights, children, women and earthquake. Charities such as 3 angels nepal set up small checkpoints along the border to intercept traffic and help to stop human trafficking.

Vins womens trafficking preventionproject aims to prevent the trafficking of young girls within nepal and internationally. Pdf human traffi cking is the fastest growing, criminal industry in the world. Combating trafficking in women and children for prostitution, 2002, represents a need and political commitment from countries in the saarc region. The asia foundation commissioned kidney trafficking in nepal to understand the contextual specificities, trends, and patterns of organ trafficking in selected communities of kavrepalanchowk district to better identify the linkages and critical gaps in the legal, policy, and structural framework. The recorded trafficking history of nepalese women and girls for sexual exploitation dates back to the fall of the rana regime in nepal 1950s. With support from caritas italiana, caritas nepal has been carrying out a prevention programme on human trafficking, unsafe migration and violence against women in jhapa and morang two districts that border india.

Human trafficking in nepal there are many purposes for human trafficking. Human trafficking human trafficking has received increasing global attention over the past decade. Its not a new problem but one we urgently need to address. As per the data provided by nepal police headquarters, human trafficking in the first. We interviewed female survivors of human trafficking who had come back to nepal from the destination of trafficking and who were at the time supported by governmentallyauthorized local nongovernmental organizations ngos in katmandu, the capital of nepal. Eight ways to help stop human trafficking in nepal new. According to indias 2008 integrated plan of action to. It is the continuation of a threeyear antitrafficking programme.

Cases of human trafficking in nepal occur in many areas like. Thankfully, police and staff from maiti nepal, a unicefsupported ngo that works to prevent trafficking, intercepted maya and her friend at the border and took them to maiti nepals transit centre, where they were offered counselling and proper care. Human trafficking in nepal case study iwriteessays. Nepal has promulgated many laws to combat traicking and transportaion. Mental health of female survivors of human trafficking in nepal. Ratna kapur advocate december 2000 kathmandu, nepal nick langton, representative pankaja bhattarai, program officer new delhi, india dr. The country report has attempted to dig out the real situation of trafficking in nepal. Policy analysis an assessment of laws and policies for the prevention and control of trafficking in nepal prepared by. This national report entitled trafficking in persons especially women and children is the continuous of the previous national reports. Postproduction editing and finishing by mudturtle media, llc. Law reform proposals to amend the traffic in human control act, 1986.

Many charities have experience working with trafficked women and children but by donating to a charity already active in nepal you ensure that local knowledge and skills are already in place. Kumar nepal had been working for maiti nepal, the bestknown anti trafficking organization in nepal, for eight years. Sep 25, 2016 kathmandu after the massive 2015 earthquake, various reports confirm that human trafficking rate has gone up. Before, human trafficking in nepal was confined to sexual exploitation and was limited mainly to the trafficking of young girls and women to india for sexual exploitation. Human trafficking and transportation nepal law commission. By providing a glimpse of victims lives, it showcases the successes and challenges to protect victims, prosecute traffickers, and prevent trafficking. Human trafficking in nepal news, sport and opinion from the. The earthquakes that struck nepal on 25 april and 12 may 2015 were devastating, with an estimated total affected population of 2. Womens trafficking prevention volunteers initiative nepal.

Labor brokerage and trafficking of nepali migrant workers. Conference participants focused on preventing human trafficking of vulnerable populations, particularly adolescent girls. Many of these women who become involved in the sex world are compelled by economic. Unicef annual report 2015 nepal executive summary nepal faced a year of humanitarian crises in 2015. Human traffickers are targeting nepal we must do more to. Protecting nepalese children from trafficking and unsafe. Sex trafficking especially women and children is a major issue in south asia, particularly in nepal. Office of the special rapporteur on trafficking in persons nhrcosrt, nepal.

Nepal is mainly a source country for men, women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Donate to anti human trafficking charities already working within nepal. Its laws do not criminalize all forms of forced labor and sex trafficking, and despite a large number of nepali male trafficking victims overseas, government. Oct 02, 20 3 angels nepal, a small nonprofit organization, fights the odds to rescue girls from the human trafficking trade in nepal and india. In the european union for example, most member states have not been able to implement new and tougher penalties and laws that address the situation. Bangladesh, india, nepal and sri lanka have all taken steps in the right direction to combat human trafficking. Human trafficking in nepal is a growing criminal industry affecting multiple other countries.

Initially, trafficking of women and girls for forced sex work and, to a lesser extent, domestic servitude, were the sole focus of advocacy and assistance. Acknowledgement iwouldtoexpresssinceregratitudetowardsmyprofessorsandteachersfromaalborguniversitywhohelpedmethroughoutmyeducation. Human trafficking is significant to our exploration of nepal because of the popular argument that human trafficking and child marriages will become even more problematic after the 2015 earthquake. Agencies working to combat trafficking in nepal need to develop a more coherent and collaborative strategy. Girls trafficking in nepal problems, causes, solution. The osrtnhrc has already published five national reports since 2005. May 06, 2015 opportunists are pouncing on the chaos in nepal to force vulnerable people into slavery. Introduction thousands of people are becoming victims of slavery and human trafficking every year in most parts of the world. Despite many anti trafficking initiatives by the government of nepal, ingos and donor agencies nepal is still experiencing an increasing trend of people being trafficked to cross boarder countries especially to india and gulf countries for forced prostitution and labor exploitation. Human trafficking has had a pervasive presence in our world, although often disclosed and unseen due to the nature of secrecy surrounding the practice. D government of nepal has issued the following rules.

Anti human trafficking human trafficking is a traditional and organized crime prevalent in nepal from long ago. Apr 27, 2012 narrated by laura sheahen, communication officer for caritas internationalis nepal is one of asias poorest countries. Sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking, which is the focus of this paper is the mall type of trafficking in the country of nepal. Human trafficking and transportation control rules, 2065 2008 date of publication on nepal gazette 206589 24 november 2008 in exercise of the powers conferred by section 29 of the human trafficking and transportation control act, 2064 2007 a. Due to the enhance of legal framework to tackle human. Human trafficking and transportation control act, 2064. The exploitation of women and children by forcing them by one way or. Abstract this study has developed a conceptual framework to provide a clearer understanding of the process and context of sex trafficking from nepal. Nepal has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the world, the national human rights commission in its 2016 report, estimated the number of trafficked women and children to be between 8000 to 9000 with 9000 to 9500 attempted to traffic between 20 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015. With a steady rise in the number of drugs abusers in nepal, the number of people arrested on the charge of smuggling is noticeably increasing of late. Nepal seems to be disproportionately affected by human trafficking, as 20,000 women and girls 12 are smuggled across the border every year.

Nepal emerging as major hub for drug trafficking the. Quantitative data were analysed from case records of 202 sextrafficked women at rehabilitation centres in nepal. Preventing human trafficking shakti samuaha in nepal is the first ngo in the world formed by trafficking survivors, and more than 120 survivors attended its conference in march to commemorate international womens day. Human trafficking in nepal is a growing criminal industry affecting multiple other countries beyond nepal, primarily across asia and the middle east. Mar 30, 2020 this short 20 mins documentary demonstrates the accomplishment of the government and civil society and the ongoing efforts to combat trafficking in nepal.

Nepal country report on trafficking and human security 5 acknoledgement we would like to express our gratitude to rmmru, bangladesh for financial assistance for the country report on trafficking and human security. The greed of those people has raised the level of human trafficking, especially girl trafficking in nepal. Nepal has raiied many human rights treaies and convenions including ilo convenions and four internaional humanitarian laws as of april 2009. Sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking, which is the focus of this paper is the main type of trafficking in the country of nepal. In nepal, human trafficking is considered as a major form of violence and a heinous crime.

The greed of people is also one of the major causes of girl trafficking in nepal. Nepal is a party to three ani traicking convenions. Today, there is recognition that women, children and men are trafficked into many different. Trafficking in persons especially on women and children in nepal pdf. Maiti nepal, which was founded by 2010 nzz heroes awardee anuradha koirala in 1993, focuses on the prevention of girl trafficking and the rehabilitation of trafficking survivors through counselling and nonformal education.

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